Hello! My name's Christian. 24. L.A.

❤ Bones. Criminal Minds. OUAT. New Girl. Castle. Fringe. Orphan Black, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, Bates Motel & True Blood during new seasons. Occasional Legend of the Seeker & Xena.

Facts 60-69

60) I still get happy in Toys R’ Us or any toy isle in a store.

61) I’ve had 3 parakeets and a black rabbit.

62) I loved to sit in trees when I was a kid.

63) I’ve tried to keep a journal countless times and they always end up half journal and half unfinished poems, scribbles and lists.

64) I have a big Texas shaped birthmark on my left calf.

65) I use my fingers as a comb most of the time because I like my hair a little messy.

66) I’m a morning person. The earlier I get up the better mood I’m in. If only I went to bed at a decent hour, I’d be a lot happier.

67) I trust anyone right off until they’ve done something to mess it up.

68) When I get overwhelmed I get this ‘screw it’ attitude and won’t do anything. Which is probably worse.

69) I’ve broken 2 boards at once with a back kick and another time with the karate chop. 

Facts 51-59

51) I’m horrible at making good conversation.

52) I’m very easily amused. Sometimes at really inappropriate times. 

53) I can’t swim.

54) I’ve always pronounced the word ‘breakfast’ as ‘breffix’ and still can’t say it correctly unless I concentrate. 

55) I can’t eat in the morning, it makes me nauseous. 

56) English is the only subject I enjoyed all through school. 

57) I don’t like the beach much. I prefer lakes and trees.

58) I have a pretty mundane life for a 21 year old. 

59) I’m more likely to do something when I don’t have to.

Facts 39-50

39) Vanilla is my favorite scent.

40) I hate cooking anything. Though I love the sound of things boiling. 

41) I don’t like warm weather, it gives me migraines and makes me sluggish. I like sunny & chilly! 

42) I can’t sleep on pillows, only large stuffed animals. 

43) I’m hopeless when it comes to sports. 

44) I loved my 4th grade teacher so much I wanted her to to be my mom for a while. 

45) I make playlist of songs that remind me of certain shows.

46) I’ve never been  in a fist fight.

47) The only schools activities I’ve been in were dance squad in 5th grade & school newspaper half of senior year. 

48) I wore glasses since I was 8 up until I finally got contacts a couple years ago. 

49) I have no interest in things like diamonds and expensive clothes & bags.

50) I can’t go a day without listening to music. 

38) My biggest fear is ending up in hell 

37) I never wear socks 

36) My dad died a month before my 5th birthday 

35) I like getting my blood drawn 

34) I prefer Zunes over Ipods 

33) I can’t resist watching a horse movie 

32) I was really into Janet Jackson & Destiny’s Child through elementary/middle school 

31) I make a lot of random lists 

30) I hardly ever go to bed before midnight 

29) I barely spoke in high school 

28) Xena warrior princess was my first tv obsession 

27) I have 3 sisters, all over 10 years older than me