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"what’s the strangest pet you’ve ever had?" "you."

"what’s the strangest pet you’ve ever had?"

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requested by poeticpossum: some good kendra eye rolling shots

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I was wondering why most of the ouat cast was wearing black like they were going to a funeral or something and then I realized

our funeral

they knew they were going to kill us


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Bailee Madison attends the Once Upon a Time season 4 premiere party

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Georgina Haig (Elsa) and Elizabeth Lail (Anna) [x]

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All it took was meeting the right person, and everything changed.

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Polivia + looks
(suggested by simplymaterial)

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Always post the rules

  1. Answer the questions the person who tagged you came up with and write 11 new ones
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I was tagged by Tabitha

1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be?

An alternate universe where I don’t fail at life? But I’ll settle for a lake surrounded by trees. 

2. Have you ever had an imaginary friend and if so tell a little bit about them?

Can’t say I have. I had imaginary lives in my head I frequently visit though. 

3. Cats or Dogs and why?

Cats just because I’ve had two and no dogs. 

4. Which book would you recommend to anyone to read?

No clue. I don’t read as much as I’d like to. I’d love a few great book series recommendations actually. 

5. What is your favourite food?

Breakfast food, soul food, pizza, burger & fries (potatoes in any form really), shrimp, variety of pastas…

6. If you went to Hogwarts what house would you be in?


7. What’s your favourite thing about your personality?

I’m very open-minded and accepting (that’s a big deal for a christian! lol)

8. What’s your favourite thing about your physical appearance?

Curves, it’s a love hate situation. I’m cool with the silhouette but could use some work ha

9. Describe the day you had yesterday?

Cleaned up. Listened to music. Made gifs. Watched the On the Run tour HBO special. Ate french fries and watched some S1 Buffy. 

10. Do you have a favourite quote and if so why do yo like it?

Not in particular. I appreciate a lot of quotes here and there. 

11. If you could meet yourself from 5 years ago what would you tell them, if anything?

Do better.

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Requested by livetodayfighttomorrow

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You work out? That’s cool. I don’t.

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Dollhouse (2009-2010)

Dollhouse (2009-2010)